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Growing up trans is a life of stolen moments, where many simple pleasures take on a heavier significance. 

I loved swimming as a child, but as my body continued to alienate itself from my mind, wearing a male swimsuit left me feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Then, one summer, I took my mother's swimsuit and went on a secret midnight swim.

Years later I found myself telling this story with some incredibly talented artists. I wanted to celebrate something so simple which can signify so much freedom.



The Audience Award for Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2017

Best Director - Short Film at the Long Beach Q Film Festival 2017

LGBT Advocacy Award at the Angaelica Film Festival 2017

Honorable Mention at The Indie Gathering 2017

Best Supporting Actress Short Film - Katharine Lee McEwan at The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2018 (nominated for Best Short Film, Best Director Short Film, Best Screenplay Short Film, Best Actor Short Film - Gavin Fink, Best Actress Short Film - Susan Papa, Best Supporting Actor Short Film - Roy Abramsohn, Best Ensemble Cast Short Film, Juna Ruiz Anchia Award Best Cinematography Short Film, Marshall Hawkins Award Best Original Score Short Film, Best Editing Short Film, Mary Austin Award Excellence in Directing Short Film, Mary Austin Award Excellence in Producing Short Film, Mary Austin Award Excellence in Screenwriting Short Film and Mary Austin Award Excellence in Editing)


Moondance International Film Festival (Short Film - Finalist)

Chicago LGBTQ Festival

Tacoma Film Festival

TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival

ReelQ: Pittsburgh Film Festival

Awareness Film Festival

Cucalorus Film Festival

Tallgrass Film Festival


Ottawa LGBT Film Festival

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

The Wicked Queer Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival

The Ashland Independent Film Festival

Inside Out Toronto Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

FilmOut San Dieto GLBT Film Festival

Outfest LA

Macon Film Festival

Rhode Island International Film Festival

CinemaQ Film Festival

Lo-No Cinema


Mill Valley Film Festival

Spokane International Film Festival

Festival Sayulitas

Human Rights & Arts Film Festival

Mardi Gras Film Festival

Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival

Montreal Feminist Film Festival

The Palace International Film Festival

Les Filministes

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