by jason beever & Mari walker

An earnest young playwright struggles to produce his next masterpiece while fighting his demons of depression and self-worth.


Nekropolis is a well told, well crafted story: the writing is both sincere and polished, the characters are well-drawn, and the story feels like it properly captures the arc of Josh’s gradual ascent out of his own darkness, with the help of friends, but ultimately he succumbs to his demons and perfectionism. These are far from trivial accomplishments, and the writers should be commended for their execution. - Sunscreen Film Festival

This piece was moving and powerful. - BlueCat Screenwriting Competition

A killer script. - Jason Fuchs, La La Land

I am slightly depressed and extremely moved, but that means you succeeded! That was a hell of a script. - Evan Kail, Writer/founder of Stone Arch Entertainment