Moonbody by jon thibault & Mari Walker

Astronaut Derek Moonbody's dreams of going to the moon are thwarted by his werewolf nature.



This script [Moonbody] manages to be silly, touching, charming and very funny, which is a high bar for a movie with space-bound werewolves and the word “alopecia” in it! High geek appeal. - Bill Oberst Jr., iHolly Film Festival

Here we have an astronaut go on a mission to the moon only to have a supernatural growth spurt that ruins the mission and changes his life… It was easy to see his motivations and there was a strong connection from the plot to his actions. The last act of the script had a lot of tension. There was great pacing here and the stakes were obviously very high. - BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Overall, this is a unique, "out of the box" concept... I could see this as a funny summer movie release - the mashup is good. - SIFF Catalyst Screenplay Competition