All your favorite shows!  editor - 5 minutes  (2015)

Life behind and in front of the screen blur in this animated short about a boy's unhealthy obsession with his tablet.

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All Your Favorite Shows! by Ornana Films is a masterclass in editing. - Katharine Trendacosta, io9

Is too much screen time dangerous for children? Can they wind up confusing reality with the movies and television shows they're regularly watching on devices like smart phones and tablets? That's a debate for others to handle, but that idea is at the center of an incredible animated short by Ornana Films. - Christopher Campbell,

Viral short All Your Favorite Shows! gets it scary right. - Matt Patches, Esquire

iPad horror All Your Favorite Shows! is a hyperkinetic visual blitzkrieg. - Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

…It features some of the most exacting and exhilarating editing you’re likely to see anytime in the near future, as it seamlessly shifts from film clips to Danny Madden’s original animation in the blink of an eye. - Sarah Salovaara, Filmmaker Magazine